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Samson shelves have an excellent value for money. They are very lively and very resistant. Read our news and offers!
Further discounts for stock renewal! We are selling the 150cm high plain shelves at £16.90 (43.5% off) while stocks last. You won’t find anything else of equal quality at the same price in the UK.
All the other shelves will remain 30% off while old stocks last.
Take this opportunity now for huge savings.
More sizes, colours and designs soon!
The office line is in the planning stage, keep up to date… The office will not be the same anymore!


Instead of assembling a single complete shelving unit, you can decide to build two halves with the same pieces (for example when a shelf is already fixed at a certain height on the wall and you want to place one or more mobile shelving units underneath it). It’s up to you to decide, just like the height adjustment of individual tiers.
If you are using your shelves in an area of high dampness or humidity (or if there’s a chance that they might become wet), you can varnish your MDF boards with any oil-based wood finish product to add further protection. You can find a lot of them in any DIY store.

Basic assembly instructions

More detailed assembly instructions will be provided inside the product packaging. If you need more information, suggestions or any kind of help, contact us
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