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Chromotherapy of Samson shelves makes your mood better

Samson Shelves is a Cardiff based company convinced that even heavy-duty shelves should have a pleasant and attractive design. We often spend a long long time in our workshops, warehouses, garages, greenhouses, etc., either for work or hobby. And it is clear that a pleasant environment makes our time – then our work – more beneficial and productive.

All our activities are very influenced by our mood, and most of all our work. In an ideal world, a good workplace should look like a fun place.

Chromotherapy helps to overcome the boredom of long hours spent carrying out repetitive tasks in the same place. The constant vision of breathtaking scenery makes us “see the sky in a room” and frees our energy and imagination, just like music.

Samson shelves are the perfect solution for garages, warehouses, workshops, pantries, basements, lofts, greenhouses, garden sheds, verandas, game rooms, cloakrooms, etc.

Samson heavy-duty shelving units are very lively and very resistant, made both to withstand hard work and to please your eyes. Ask them for anything, they will be reliable mates and will never disappoint you.

Samson shelves is a company of colourful heavy-duty shelves.

All the components have been carefully chosen to make the shelves heavy-duty all the way: the 0.8 mm steel framework, the 5 mm MDF boards, the extra strong plastic of feet, the super resistant waterproof adhesive vinyl, the glossy anti-corrosion paints.

Although all the materials are of first quality, Samson shelves by company mission are refreshingly cheap. So, in addition to all other benefits, they are also friends with your wallet. We have the line of decorated heavy-duty shelves, designed primarily for the home and the line of plain heavy-duty shelves (very colourful but without decorations) designed especially for the business sector and warehouses.

All our heavy-duty shelves are boltless, they can be assembled easily in a few minutes using a rubber mallet (you can find it in every DIY store) or a similar object. If you want to know more or if you have any kind of doubt, do not hesitate to write us, we are happy to answer.

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