Samson heavy-duty shelves bring your garage and workshop to life

Bring your garage and workshop to life!

Smart and cheap heavy-duty shelves for everyone!

Brightly coloured, charmingly designed, highly resistant, indestructible!

Your morale and your work go higher with the chromotherapy of Samson shelves!

Colourful heavy-duty shelves by Samson shelves Ltd

Heavy-duty shelves by vocation without compromise

Certified load of 175 kilos for each single tier

Quick and easy assembly without screws in 15 minutes

Our heavy-duty shelves have the best value for money in UK! Every single shelving unit has passed a scrupulous quality check and it is ready for anything. Our strength is the price, our strength is the design, our strength is the strength!

Samson shelves are an ideal choice for hobbyists, craftsmen, gardening lovers, mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, etc. In general, for all those who, in their free time as in their work, do not content themselves and demand quality without spending a lot.

Samson shelves are made to last a lifetime at your service. Despite the bright colours and postcard decorations, their nature is durable and tireless. Their place is wherever there is work to do and burdens to bear. Humidity, considerable weights, displacements, shocks, etc. do not stop them.

You can choose to fill a space with models of the same colour and design or to mix them to create a multicolour effect. In both cases, they illuminate and enliven the environment, making you want to look at them. No cellar or garage is too dark to brighten for them.

If their kingdom is garages, workshops and warehouses, their lively design also makes them suitable for alternative solutions, such as game rooms, verandas, kitchens, offices and all places where they are visible to everyone. We have both the line of decorated shelves and that of plain shelves, with the same bright colours but without decorations.

The fact that all our heavy-duty shelves are boltless and can be assembled in a few minutes with a rubber mallet or similar object, makes them a perfect option even for those who are not familiar with DIY or are always short on time.

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